23 April - 26th April 2016

Winding daydreams around concrete and clouds, penumbral shadows and orange traffic cones, the works in Slippages seek the shifts between tangible and fugitive that can arise during everyday car travel. Delving into the suburban sprawl of Perth, into a density of hot bitumen, palm trees and power lines, a consonance arises between the internal vastness of the traveller and the external richness of everyday landscape. Inviting instability between what is evident and what is elsewhere, these works investigate the possibility of a quotidian-sublime, that which is ordinary and immense.

Here the conventional understanding of a photograph as a reproduction, ontologically tied to the observable world, is discarded. Instead the potential of photography as non-depictive, as enacting undisclosed spaces, comes to the fore. Through a process of solvent dissolution, depictive and material space become analogous, dispersing and coalescing. Photography and daydream here are parenthetical methods for exploring slippages, between the visible and invisible, between the known and unknown.

Photographs courtesy of Melanie McKee