John Stringer Prize 

Highway Daydream
solvent wash

John Curtin Gallery
September 2018

Emerging from experiences of highway travel, this work probes the slipstreamed world as mediated and metabolised by the movements of a car. Here every day travel becomes a site for daydreaming, rising and sinking through plateaus of reverie, at once immersed in the landscape and distracted from it. The highway, often rendered as sterile and absent, is here restored to a slippery tactility, a transit space pregnant with memories and sensations. Photography, a medium conventionally anchored in the observable world, becomes through the use of solvent wash a hinge between what is seen and what is felt, a way of pressing against the unknown. In unfixing the depictive surface of the images, a slippage is formed between spaces of here and elsewhere; a point of contact is sought, through the aesthetics of the slipstream, for that elusive experience of mobile daydreaming.

Artist talk:

Photographs courtesy of Brad Coleman at John Curtin Gallery